New Romantic angry and sad based novel, The limit of love, Epi 08

Angry And sad
New Romantic angry and sad based novel

Story: The limit of love


By: Hiba Abid

This story is all about the  New Romantic angry and sad

Category: Web special new Romantic Angry and sad  based online English novels

Khabib Shah came straight out of there and came to the corridor
I came and sat on the bench in a losing manner…

Shah Zal came walking and sat next to him and started inquiring about the matter.

Little one, as far as I understand, I would like to deny it

But tell me, what is the matter?
Who is this cloak?
What does it have to do with you?
And why did she attempt suicide?

But Khabib Shah kept looking at the earth with his blank eyes covered with the veil of silence.

Shah Zal once again called out …

But he is still silent …
Faiz also came and sat on the bench with him and spoke to Shah while giving him advice.

Dude, call Daddy and Daddy and call them here …

Maybe both of them will answer them

Shah Zal nodded yes and started calling Ahmad Shah.
Two or three bulls were called.
Hello … the other side spoke in a busy tone.
Dad … you do that uncle and you come to the city hospital …
No worries, everything is fine here …

Take a look, come here and stop the call

As soon as he heard the name of the hospital, Ahmad Shah’s hands and feet began to swell.

He and Ahmad Shah Resh drove to the hospital in half an hour.

Khabeeb, Shah Zal, Faiz and Shah Zain were seen sitting in the front corridor. They both reached him taking long steps …

Yes, son, why did you call me in such an emergency?
Ahmad Shah, disturbed, inquired from Faiz and Shah Zal.

Dad … what is the matter you asked him?
Ask who is lubaba?
And why did she attitude toward suicide? Shah Zal spoke to Ahmad Shah pointing to Khabib. Ahmad Shah came and started asking Khabib Shah.

What is Khabeeb, son?
Khabib Shah remained silent.
Unable to find his answer, Ahmad Shah turned to Shahzain.
Son of a bitch, tell me what’s the matter?

And Zayn was in a problem with whether to tell or not.
Uncle he … and then Zayn narrated the whole story from beginning to end …

And the rest of the population sniffed like a snake.
Ahmad Shah stepped forward in anger and grabbed Khabib Shah by the collar and shouted while receiving a loud slap.

Khabeeb Ahmad Shah You are so hard-hearted and hard-hearted that you don’t even care about the sighs of this innocent girl.
You also came out like these two penny men …
You also raised your hand against the woman and proved that you are one of those fallen men.

I am ashamed to call you my son. We did not train you

Khabeeb, who had been listening to silent speeches for a long time, exploded in the name of training.

What training Dad?

What training did you have? Yes

You care more about your business than your children.

Listen to what you have to say about fallen men

He became a tyrant the day his father-in-law with whom he was most attached

He went against his family and got married and his family broke off the relationship with his dear father. That day I learned that if a man makes a mistake, punish him or kill him.

When he became heartless when his dearest grandfather left the world for the grief of his daughter.
Then I became heartbroken when everyone was present but I was the only one.
I was tormented and cried alone, but there was no one.

Arham bro had Shah Dil Bro

Faiz bro and Shah Zal bri
You had mama and uncle had an aunt

There was Me?

Ever thought about me. I was crying and tormented alone. Who thought about me? Then become like these men.

I saw in my early life that if a woman likes to be kept below a man, then it is a sin if a woman likes it.
You didn’t worry when that child was away from the family. From above and cruelly you sent me to boarding. Then outside. Who am I, said I exist, I never thought.

You are crueller than me who did not care who is doing what.

Sometimes watching, sitting, asking what happened, maybe that child came and shared something with you.

And if lubaba Adil is talking about, then listen …
My wife is mine, my life is mine, I can’t live without her …

This dizzy girl slapped me and woke up the beast inside me.

And he began to weep and lose his faults.

dad, I swear, when she was in pain, I added to that pain.
And when she cried, I became restless.

How many times she would shake me, including my caste, but I would listen.

How many times did I tremble inside when I was told of the rewards of action, but remained numb.

You know, Baba, once she came when I was suffering from fever, then she served me. As soon as my fever subsided, she started getting up, so I begged her not to go.

And he killed his ego and took a step towards me. For beautiful life. But for the last time, I hit him so hard that he chose to embrace death better than living with me.
Crying, Shah’s hiccups stopped, but as if he was ready to say everything today and wanted to take the burden off.

I know Baba was telling me when he did this.

“Khabeeb Shah, I hate you … Mum was telling me that Mum would suffer
I will cry, I will suffer, I will beg Allah for it.
And you know …

Then she would make fun of herself and say, why do you cry, you know, she started laughing like this …
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Then she would say that in Khabib Shah
۔ I curse you that you will not be as calm as I was.

Everyone else’s brains were on the verge of bursting at the seams.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with tears. He was tormented like a child.
Baba, tell her I can’t live without him. If there is a robe, then I am.
Before my soul died, now I will die too.
Dad …

The doctor told me that your wife does not want to live on her own.
And he cried and hugged Ahmad Shah and began to be stubborn like a small child.
Baba, tell him to return to life, I will die, you will talk, Baba …
And Ahmad Shah could only nod
The crow was blaming himself
Shah Zal came to him while walking and hugged him and said …
Little one, I am in my soul, don’t forgive me. I will talk to lababa.
And Ahmed Sahib also encouraged him and asked him to talk to Lababa.
Brother, you will talk to her… He seemed to think that if Shahzal spoke, she would agree …

Brother, you will tell Lababa that as she has been away from her family for a few weeks, I have been going through this Hajj for a long time. I have been deprived of my family …

And everyone was just listening to him …
Brother, you will tell her that I have confessed my love in front of everyone. Tell her you will tell her

Shahzal and everyone else felt like their brains would burst …
Brother, you know what I used to say to her… That I hate you Brother, will she accept that Khabeeb Shah’s arrogance has been destroyed along with his whole being?

That is Khabib Shah. If not her then not even Khabeeb Shah.

And everyone else was stunned to see his madness that Khabib Shah did not speak directly to anyone, he was longing for a girl today.

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