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Deadly Revenge,The limit of love

Deadly Revenge is based on online English novels

The novel The limit of love is deadly Revenge based novel in which hero is rude he’s getting marry for Deadly Revenge for more Deadly Revenge novels Read the Epi given belowūüĎá


Heart touching rude hero-based deadly Revenge novel, new forced marriage based novel, Cruel hero based romantic Deadly Revenge novels is full of emotional, romance, thrill,  suspense and Deadly Revenge This story is all about hate and Deadly Revenge 

Novel: The limit of love 

By: Hiba sheikh

Category web special Deadly Revenge novels



Shah Zal came straight from the office to his room and went to the bathroom to freshen up ……. About ten minutes later he went out and lay down on the bed to rest.Lying down, Shah Zal’s heart longed to see Sara. Believing his heart, Shah Zal got up and started walking toward Sara’s room.

¬†Reached outside the room and began to normalize himself …..

¬†Suddenly the sound of Sarah’s crying hit my ears …..

¬†Shah Zal hurried into Room and was shocked to see Sarah crying smoky …..

¬†Shah Zal took a long step and reached him and asked anxiously…

¬†Please tell, me the story of the big puppies …..

¬†Seeing him cry … Shah Zal was in a lot of pain …..

¬†As soon as she heard Shah Zal’s words, Sarah started crying again and hugged Shah Zal while crying…

¬†Seeing Sarah crying like this, Shah Zal became confused for a moment and while controlling himself, he separated Sarah from himself and started asking the reason ……..

¬†Please tell, what’s the story of their puppies………..

¬†Shah Zal began to ask what he understood…..

¬†Sarah raised her head and looked at Shah Zal and could hardly speak with hiccups ………

Shah Zal Bro Danesh died..and as soon as the talk was over she started crying again ……..

¬†Shah Zal started asking who’s wisdom ?????? tell me where does he live he is your uni friend ??? Shah Zal looked at Sarah anxiously and sa…..

¬†No, Shah Zal Bro, he doesn’t like me..and he is not my friend…Sarah replied…..

¬† then who is ?? ……….

Shah Zal asked in surprise …….

¬†he … he … he … Sarah wiped away her tears and pointed to the TV …. Shah Zal immediately looked at the TV and started crying emotionally about the death of the hero of the famous drama “I have you”.

¬†And Shah Zal’s heart wanted to take his head on his paunch or throw the girl sitting in front of him out of the window ……

¬†Shah Zal refrained from saying anything and wiped Sarah’s tears ……

¬†And seriously and said ……

¬†Stupid girl you were crying because you know how upset I was with your action .. my life was gone … I see you crying like this ………….. …………..

Even though he didn’t want to, there was an element of danger in his tone.

¬†And Sarah who was happy …… started crying again his strong scolding

¬†What is the problem, what is the problem that has started crying again …….

¬†This time Shah Zal said while climbing ………..

¬†You are scolding me so I am crying Sarah replied angrily with innocence ……….

 At this move Sarah, a smile crept on the face of Shah Zal.

¬†Well, don’t scold me now plz join hands in front of you.

¬†Shah Zal gave up …. began to wipe away his tears …..

¬†Ronnie Ronnie’s swollen eyes were contrasting with her, her black mole was adding four more moons to her beauty …

¬† ¬†Sarah, who was sitting next to him, could not bear the heat of his eyes and walked away from him helplessly. ………….¬†

Yes, Zafar, tell me what is the news. Shah answered the call and asked ……….

¬†Sir Madam is alone at home today. Her father, mother and grandmother live with those who went to Karachi for a friend’s wedding today.

¬†His father’s name is Adil Iftikhar.

There are no close relatives. Madam’s name is Lababa Adil.

¬†Are students of “BS English” and nearby neighbourhoods

¬†I teach home tuition …..

 Dad has a grocery store. Life is comfortable.

¬†Zafar finished his speech quickly ….. don’t cut the call …..

¬†………… Good work. A voice came from behind the call

 And the call stopped with a bang and he spoke indifferently !!

¬†Alibaba Adil will make you taste it in fun. if you don’t file your caste then my name is not khabib shah.

 Khabib Shah found Shah Zain looking at himself behind him.

 Shah Zain said sadly!

¬†As soon as he heard Shah Zain’s words, Jabib Shah’s heart sank

¬†And he said angrily ……. Khabeeb Shah does not leave his account to anyone. He knows how to take his account with good interest. Seeing this form, I was sadly drowning in the same thought ………


  Alibaba was free from home tuition and left for home. She had just moved to the corner of the street when two masked women in a white wagon put her in the car and left for their destination.

¬†Yes, Zafar says……..

¬†As soon as he answered the call, Shah asked …

The work is done. Zafar said a while ago that he informed me about the process.

 Good Shah was pleased and ordered

¬†Do this and take her to my farmhouse. Don’t touch this girl before I come. I will arrive

 For half an hour

 Now it will be fun. I will give you the death that you will die and live for a while

 Khabib Shah was so blinded by the fire of revenge that he did not think that one day he would burn himself in the fire in which he wanted to throw it


¬†He was alone in a dark room, unaware of the world. In the gaze of someone’s eyes, there was nothing in those eyes. The passion to burn someone, the fire for revenge and the passion to destroy everything.¬† He was sitting with his legs intertwined with his legs together

 Unable to bear the heat of his gaze, he opened his eyes a little and slowly found himself in the dark, as if the last scene on the screen of his brain had paralyzed his mind

 Frightened, I looked around and saw nothing because of the darkness

¬†If you run towards the door, it is as if you have collided with someone’s .existence

Fearful words did not accompany the tongue, but still, ll some words came out of the tongue

 Who are you? She could hardly speak

¬†You forgot so quickly! Someone’s masculine voice hit his ears. Hearing the voice, a thrill started ruin through his body.

 But still, ll he gathered his courage and spoke

¬†Whoever you are, please let me go. What’s wrong with your KK? For God’s sake, let me go. My father will be waiting for me.

 She sat on the ground in front of the man, clasped her hands, muttered and cried

 Suddenly the light of the room shone on the person standing in front of him and he felt the ground coming out from under his feet. His eyes were wide open and he could hardly speak.


 Tell me what happened, where did all the bravery go and this hand was hit by it, what happened?

 She roared so loudly that she screamed in fear and sat on the ground crying.

 When he saw her crying, he became very bored and spoke harshly to his face.

 Get up, the boy is holding your hand and raising it.

¬†She stood up again and murmured in front of the boy again, “Perhaps this man will have mercy on her.”

 Let me go my dad will be waiting for me please let me go

 But the person standing in front of him was not feeling the slightest sympathy

If the boy remembered only his revenge ……

 She, who had been standing in his siege till now, suddenly walked away from him and as soon as she saw the opportunity, she walked towards the door

¬†Seeing him doing this, the boy laughed out loud. His laughter was strange. He was frightened by the boy’s laughter.

 When the boy spoke, he saw with every feeling

¬†The boy’s grip on you was getting stronger in his hand. The madness of revenge in this grip was getting stronger.

¬†Getting ready is marriage after two hours. I didn’t go and she sat on this irony of her fate and started shedding tears.

 Sarah was sitting on the ground enjoying her studies. So much so that Rimsha came and sat down with her. Sarah took one look at her and will be busy with her work again.

¬†When Ramshah got no response from Sarah, he started talking on his own …

¬†Well, today the parrot is not with Mina’s pair. Ramshah said frankly as if he has a very deep relationship with her.

¬†Mind your business “

¬†Sarah replied …

 Ramshah knew why Sarah was talking to him like this. Ramshah was very upset by the prank of that day. She apologized for her behaviour.

¬†I’m sorry sir “

¬†I had no intention of hurting you. I am very ashamed of this day …

Feeling embarrassed by Ramshah’s tone, Sarah also accepted from the heart and spoke happily ………..

¬†It’s okay dear.

¬†And began to tell about herself ………..

¬†Dude, the dress is absent. So it’s better to go here and there than to read …

¬†ohhh …. good

¬†Ramshah said ……

¬†Then after a while, after silence, Sarah said … By the way, tell me who you are with. A friend, etc., ……….

¬†No, at the moment I don’t have any friends. If you don’t mind, join me in this pair of parrots.

¬†Ramshah asked hesitantly ….. which Sarah accepted happily.

¬†Hahahahahaha ………. If Mina comes tomorrow, we will get good news. Both are fine.

¬†Let’s go to the canteen now. I have a rat fight in my stomach. And they both walked towards the canteen laughing ……….

 She was shedding tears at the irony of fate on the edge of the bed when the same man entered through the door again.

 As soon as Lababa saw him, he turned his face to the other side, which annoyed the Shah.

 What nonsense was a while ago that marriage is two hours later. Prepare yourself comfortably.

¬†Tell me what I am mourning …………..

 He stared into her eyes angrily.

Alibaba took him away from her and shouted angrily. I will not allow you to talk to a savage beast like you. I will marry you hahaha ………

 Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

¬†Just shut your mouth, Alibaba Adil”

 You will get the answer to this question. You want to get married like me or how am I capable. At the moment being ready is half an hour of marriage.

¬†He also joked in the same manner and turned towards the door. When he remembered something, he turned around and said …

¬†And yes, prepare yourself before you come to me. Because I will make your life so difficult for you that you will ask me for death and if you do not file this arrogance including your caste .. ……..

 His words were like lead in my ears. Hatred was dripping from his every word.

¬†And if he didn’t say one thing this time, he would start thinking about his parents and grandmother and after saying all this, he left.

 Doomsday is the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.


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