New moral help based short story,An offering that returns, Article 04

New Moral help based short story An offering that returns, Article 04
New Moral help based short story An offering that returns, Article 04


 Story: An offering that returns 

By: unknown writer 

Catogary: web special

This story is about a girl who comes to help of a helpless boy in difficult times and how her good deeds are rewarded years later, stay tuned to know…..

English story for reading

  An offering that returns

There was 13 years old boys who was struggling for his life in a cold winter morning.He was selling newspapers door to door for his daily life.But he was still starving.

  Without dinner and breakfast weakened him to sell his newspapers.When he was knocking at one door of the big nice house, he was very tired and hungry.He was sitting down at the front door.Then there was 12 years old girl came out and opened the door . The girl also realised about him.

Then the boy said:

“Can you give me any food to eat?

  I can’t walk any more.”

The girl replied

“Wait me here.I will bring it for you.”

When she came out again,

“Here you are. “she said.

The girl gave him some food to

eat and one of her piggie banks.

When the boy opened his eyes,

 it surprised him a lot.

“I couldn’t accept your bank.Your food are

enough for me.” he said.

But the girl said

“Take them all.They all are mine..I will help you.I have three piggie banks. I will give you one.You can use it.”

Then the boy accepted them.Thanks to her and left.

 13 years later,

 25 years old lady was lying

on a bed of great hospital in the big city.She was suffering from tuberculosis. Everyone was afraid of her disease.Because it easily to spread fast to other.She was lonely.She got great depression.Her wealth came to an end because of her disease.

   There was a new doctor who came and saw her in great depression. Anyhow, the doctor took her in a single room of his and cured her disease until she recovered.

   The doctor served her as a great person of his.There was one servants of the doctor came and did everything she needed.

    After 7 months, when she realised that

she recovered. Everything made her easy. The servant took her to a very beautiful gardern which pleased her a lot.

She said :

“I wanna meet a doctor.Because he is

   very kind to me.”

The servant replied

“Your doctor will come to see you here today after his work.”

While both of them were walking around in the gardern , one of the new

cars came and stopped near them.When the door of the car was opened:

 The servant said

” Your doctor comes to meet you. now.

   have a chat with your doctor.”

The doctor said

“Hi! How’s going on with you today?”

She replied with great happiness.

“Everything is easy for me now.Why have you been so kind to me? How should I repay everything in return that you have been serving me?”

The doctor replied

“No need anything in return.Because you

  had ever served me before.”

  He took out something in his car and showed her.

  The doctor said

“Do you remember this piggie bank?”

When she sees her piggie bank, she realises

who the doctor is.

And she said:

“So you are the boy who I had given

 a piggie bank to ….?”

” Sure, because of you, I have been who

  I am today. So you are my everything.”

  said the doctor.

Her doctor surprised her a lot!

Moral: “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers”

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