New helpless Orphan girl based short story,An Orphan girl article 03

New helpless orphan girl based short story,An Orphan girl, Article 03
New helpless Orphan girl Based short story,An Orphan girl

Story: An Orphan girl

BY: Anonymous 

Category: web special 

This story is about an helpless orphan girl, how a storm came in her life, how she was stuck in trouble after the death of her father, how an  helpless orphan girl, without a friend, helper, spends alone.

An Orphan girl

  After a father and his little 12 years old son left from a great store of a big city, they came to a city park.While taking a rest and eating something, his son is going to throw away their empty bottles and plastic bags into rubbish bucket. Meanwhile there was a 11 years girl who had no slippers to put on,

came and begged his empty bottles.There was a piece of bread that was left to throw.The poor girl said :“Could you give me these please?”

When he looked at her , her face and her clothes were so dirty. Then he also gave her those she was begging him.After she got those from the boy, she

was approaching the pavement of the street to sit.Then she took out 2 empty bottles and made them flat . Then she made

them as her slippers.She tied them with plastic bag to her feet. Then she was sitting down on the pavement and eating a piece of bread

hungrily. The boy was also watching at her from the beginning to end. Then the boy was rushing to his father car .

    He took new clothes ,60 thousands baths ,some bread and milk of his, put into his school backpack .And he was holding a box of new shoes, toward the poor girl. When he arrived near her, he said.

 ” Hi! Girl, could you tell me your name please?”

 “Hi! bro, my name’s April Sunday.And

 your name please?”

 she asked.

 “My name’s Decem friday.”

he answered.

He sat down opposite the girl and untied the plastic bag that she has made her slippers.He opened the box of the shoes and put them on for her. The poor girl was looking her shoes and smiling.

 “Thank you so much brother.”

 she said.

 “I give all of these to you.I and my father

 have just bought them from a big store

 for a few hours .” he said.

 “Why do you give me all?I am afraid that your father will scold at you.”

 the girl said.

 “No, don’t think too much.I have alot at

 my home. he said.

” Thank you brother.” she replied.

“I am going back now.Have a lucky days

for you.April bye.”

he said .

“Thank you Decem ,bye.”

she said.

When the boy arrived at the car, his father

asked him.

“Son, you help an orphan girl?”

“Sure, Papa.Helping people who are in need

can be the whole world for them.I believe

that sometimes people have no choice.”

he said.

“Great, I appreciate you in this case.”

his father said and smiled to him.Then

they drove away.

  The orphan girl was very pleased.When she looked in the bag that she got from the

boy, she saw much money , nice new clothes and some bread and milk for her.That day was the lucky day for her. Started from that day, she could have

a great chance to build up her life.

11 years later

  An old man brought his son to great

hospital in the city. When both of them

arrived in an emergency room, there were

a surgeon and a cute doctor who are ready

to cure anyone. After they examined, the young man is really in need of blood transfusion. He has caught an accident by

himself while driving his bike.

   One of cute doctor said

 “Your son needs blood transfusion in

 hurry.Could you give your blood to your son please?”

 The old man said:

 “I am so weak to give him.Because I couldn’t sleep so well. “

  The old man got trouble to find the person

who will donate “blood O “for his son.

He can’t lose his son anymore. To give his

blood, he is so weak for himself .

He couldn’t sleep well so many nights

because of his work and his son.Then he doesn’t have many friends , cousins or relationships that close to him.His tear is running down on his old cheeks.He decided to post that news in his facebook.While he was going to write so, a cute doctor said:

 “I will donate mine for him.”

 “That’s very kind of you.”

 The old man said happily.

 The young man was so weak to open his eyes.

 Then a cute doctor is ready to donate her

 blood on the bed.

  After that she was also weak to come emergency room. But her house isn’t very far from the hospital. She has 3 assistants at her house to sell any kinds of goods , daily eating things, many kinds of drugs and many equipment of hospital in her

wide , modern house which is open as a

great store.

    After 2 days, more and more patients were full in the hospital.The bed wasn’t

enough for patients.So both of father and

son had to move to one of cute doctors


   The owner of the the house looked after them so well.The way she treated on them was perfect.She was very patient, pretty.Her house is nice and clean.Her assistants also treated and served them warmly.

    4 days later, Decem recovered.

Then in the morning, Decem , his father and cute doctor who is the owner of the

house were meeting in the dinning room.

The doctor said:

  ” How do you feel today?”

  ” Everything is perfect for me .Many

thanks for permitting us to stay in your

home.I couldn’t thank enough to you. We

have been here for so long.I really appreciate your kindness. “he replied.

 ” We should help each other as we can.”

 said cute doctor.”

 “You even donated me your blood. You

 make me wonder!.”

 he said wonderfully.

 “Do you remember that backpack?”

She showed the backpack that was

hanging above her on the wall and

asked him.

 ” No, I don’t. “he replied.

 ” Who gave you that? Decem father asked.

 ” It was written the name of the owner.”

 she replied.

” Lemme see it.” Decem said.

The cute doctor passed her backpack to Decem.

When he got it, he sees his own name on it.

It was the backpack he loved the most.he used it in his school time when he was a

child. It amazes him. Then he rememmbers

the time he helped the poor girl on the road.he said :

 ” So you are the girl who I presented this backpack to?”

 “Correct! Orphan , poorest girl, who got the help from you.Because of you, I

am ready for this position today. You know

,I have no choise at all at that time. I was totally a beggar. You were my background, and you are still my everything now.” she said.

“How amazing you are! April.”

Both father and son were filled with wonder.

“The old man said:

“You also helped my family when I was

really in difficult situation. Frankly, I couldn’t

lose my son. I felt that I was really poor in relationships although I have money.You

are my family world.”

Decem added:

” You are the whole world for me. You give

me life.I really appreciate you.”

April said:

” You gave things, you helped me without

expecting in return. Now I must help you

without expecting in return.”

“You pleased us a lot.Thanks alot April.I ‘m going to tell something at your surgeon at the hospital.”

The old man said and left from her house.

  After the old man left, she leaded him to

see every floor of her house. When both of

them arrived at the top floor of her house, there is a overlook to nice view.

  She said “I will show you something.”

When they got in the room, he saw the clothes, the shoes those he had given to her.She continued:

“I always keep them to remind me who I

should appreciate the most in my life.”

He can see her sweet smile.

“Great to see those, April.”

Then Decem took off his gold necklace

from his neck and kneeled down one of his legs and said:

” I really appreciate you, love you, because

you are important for my life. Can you

marry me?”

Then she gived him a kiss on his forehead.

Decem gived a gold necklace to her lovely


She said :“Love you , appreciate you too.I can marry


Then Decem is hugging April into in chest.

           Moral: “We make a living by what we  get We make a life by what we give”.



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