Mystery of night|Ep_2|Fantasy based novel2020

Mystery of night|Ep_1| Fantasy-based novel2020

This story is a fantasy-based story of a fairy and a mountain king. Stay tuned to know how a fairy meets her king and how her life changes in an instant.


Bela does not fall easily. She was crossing the corridor of the palace with heavy steps, and guards were standing guard.
Hmm. Look at the light here. Azeroth was instantly enlightened when he spoke
From this side. Pointing to one side, she came down the stairs and stopped in front of the downstairs room
And then the lock was opened
When he stepped inside, he was greeted by dust, he quickly put his hand on his nose
This was the old royal library which contained many books that had been read or were kept here so that new books could be kept in the modern library in the upper palace.
You are sure that this will be the book. Azero, flying behind him, asked him in a low voice
Hmmm, that’s what this book was supposed to be about I guess.
Looking at the shelves one by one, she moved forward
Where can that book be? She was worried while touching the books there, then suddenly her eyes fell on the box in front of her
What is the function of this box here? Inquisitively, she reached the box and reached out and touched it
to stop Bella It can be anything
But I want to know what is in it.
If Princess Anika finds out.
Azeroth scared her but she took a deep breath and smiled slightly
Now I can’t be afraid anymore, what will happen will be seen.
As he spoke, he opened the lid of the box
And looking forward, his crystal eyes shone
So it was kept here.
In front of the chest was the golden book on the cover of which something was written in silvery letters
He had picked up that book and removed the dust with his hands on those words.
“Secret magic world”
The secret of Magic World.
He had given the name
Got Azero, this is the book that Granny told me about.
His voice was full of joy
Come on, we should get out of here now, otherwise, if someone sees it, there will be a problem, Bella.
let’s go. Hiding the book in her bag, she closed the box again
Let’s hurry. In the light of Azeroth, she had crossed the door, stepping quickly forward
But as soon as he left the room, that box was lit up and the whole room was bathed in golden light.

She came to her room as quietly as she had come out and quickly sat on the bed
He held the golden book in front of him and his eyes were longing
Light it up here. After opening the book, she turned to the first page where there were different types of carvings. As she was turning the page, her facial expressions were changing.
Tired, he closed the book.
Did you find anything? Azeroth looked down at the closed book and then at him
There is nothing in it except a few pictures.
Everything is a lie, nothing is true. Putting the book in the drawer, she came to the window
The entire Magic Land was lost in the valleys of sleep at that time
The cold wind was touching the body but he didn’t care
So leave it, what are you getting into, tomorrow is your 18th birthday, think about it.
Yes… My eighteenth birthday will allow me to do magic. She was excited
Just once mom and dad come. Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the rich fragrance in the air.
Then there was a knock on the door and the door opened
Isabella On Anika’s call, he turned back and saw her
Princess. Look at Anika, she was bowing in respect to him, come and sit. When Anika pointed, the carpet with velvety fur was suspended in the air under her feet
Yes He felt scared by the mysterious silence of his sister
We know that what we are going to tell you now will be a big deal for you, but…
He carefully watched Anika, who never hesitated to speak
Hawa Kya Hai GJ (His sister here was called GJ).
Anika took a deep breath at his words
Nothing special, just for your birthday tomorrow, we have arranged a royal feast. Tomorrow mom and dad will also arrive.
So I have asked the royal tailors to come and make you a dress of your choice.
Anika smiled after finishing her speech
Now you rest, there is a meeting tomorrow.
Yes When Anika got up, she also got up
Something was bothering him, something strange.
But what?
Azzaro, I feel something strange, I don’t know why.
You’re overthinking, Bella.
Yes, maybe. Looking at the sky, she wanted to satisfy herself.
From the next day, preparations for the celebration had started in the entire Magic Land, everyone was humming happily, but the sound of the drum attracted everyone.
The royal ride has arrived. The king and queen came.
People’s voices echoed everywhere
Mom is dead. Hearing the noise, she ran to the balcony
In the distance, the horses were approaching a cluster of soldiers
Azero Maam Deed Age Hain Excited, she immediately ran outside
There was a strange stampede in the palace, everyone was in a hurry as if they were worried
Ronya. Ronya, wait, what’s going on? He was deeply troubled to see everyone running outside like this
Nothing happened princess you are not worried Ronya had comforted her and went ahead herself
What is going on here? He said to a flustered Izu
Then the King and Queen came in accompanied by the royal ministers who were supported by soldiers
Mom is dead. Seeing their bent shoulders, she was distressed and ran to them
Mom Dad, what happened to you both?
Seeing him suffering like this, they both stopped
Nothing happened, we are not worried, princess
King had reached out his hand and held it against his chest
Why are you looking so weak?
Nothing has happened, you go and get ready.
Anika had moved forward and pushed him away from King
What happened to Mom and Dad??
Nothing happened, just tired from the journey.
Runyan takes the princess.
Come on, Princess Ronya took his hand and stepped forward
He turned around and saw them all going in
A royal robe was waiting for him on the velvet bed, and at a signal from Ronya, he changed it with clothes
Mehron gown with open hair and precious pearls.
He forgot to blink when he saw himself in the mirror
There was a sadness in the purple crystal eyes
You look very beautiful princess. Fixing her gown, Ronya said politely, but she could not even smile
Come on, everyone is waiting for you below.
At Ronya’s signal, she took the gown and moved forward
Today she was finally going to get all her magic powers, today she was going to be officially called the princess of a magic land.
The palace was decorated with magical arches and magical fountains flowing on the walls. Flying butterflies
He liked everything.
In front, the King and Queen were seated on the royal throne, accompanied by Princess Anika
Happy eighteenth birthday princess.
King went ahead and kissed her on the forehead
my girl Seeing the moisture in Quinn’s eyes, his eyes became moist
The ceremony should begin.
The function was inaugurated by the King twirling a magic wand
As the wand revolved, the entire hall was filled with light
Everyone was singing happy wedding songs
Let’s take this crown princess. She stepped forward when Quinn spoke
And the king bowed his head in reverence to the queen
Then the king went ahead and placed the crown on his head and as he placed the crown, he felt an electric shock and fell to the ground in agony.
Dead. It was a scream
The royal doctors had advanced but there they all started falling one by one
There was a stampede
When Anika screamed, she turned around and they both fell to the ground
She ran to them
Mom GJ Open your eyes. She was crying and calling them
Slowly, Anika’s wings turned into black
What is happening Ronya?
Seeing Ronya coughing, she got up and came to him.
The disease has reached us, Princess. Ronya spoke helplessly with tears in her eyes
Dead get up and go inside. Beckoning to the soldiers, she barely managed to get them all into the rooms
Everyone was getting sick
He did not understand what was happening.
The treatment of all had started and they were being saved from unconsciousness
What happened to all of them so suddenly? Seeing the royal physician, she ran to him
Princess comes with us. The seriousness on his face made him chuckle
Next to the royal astrologer sat the most distinguished minister of the deed
Come on Isabella.

What is all this going on, she went forward indecisively
Isabella, sit down first. His face was serious and his heart was beating uncontrollably
The disease has reached us, no one knows what the solution is, you have to act sensibly
There is no cure for this disease.
It has not been possible yet, no one has understood that this is happening because of the disease
But why has nothing happened to me??
We all wonder too but maybe you didn’t have your magical powers so the disease didn’t affect you.
So someone will know the solution. She was worried
Mountain Ferry will have the solution
At the behest of the royal school, his head was raised involuntarily
So what she was going after is there
Azeroth camped on that shoulder as if excited.
The royal physician had stared at them
I’m sorry. He bowed his head apologetically
I have heard about this, please tell me. She was eager to go ahead
These people had seen each other
This is all a hearsay story, Princess.
I want to be sure of one thing, please.
For my people, for this magic land, for the magic meadows.
Seeing the seriousness of his tone, the royal astrologer took a deep breath
My abilities are stagnant, you know, but the Mountain Faerie is such a Faerie that no magic of any kind can affect me.
Such people say that she lives far away in the mountains, there is a valley where this mountain is located.
She is the owner of countless magical powers, but no one has seen her to date.
A puzzle must be solved to reach it.
What a first
This puzzle will come to you during the journey itself, but this journey may lead to near death.
I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of losing myself.
Tell me the map to get there.
They all nodded at each other and then
The royal astrologer wore the ring in his hand on his finger
This ring will show you the way, princess.
The ring sparkled on his finger
Congratulations princess you got your magical powers.
The royal astrologer smiled slightly
Now he had to travel further
She came to her parents and sister who were lying on the bed in a semi-conscious state to get the necessary supplies
I will return with the treatment of this disease, you guys should pray
Let’s go, Bella. Azero called him
Hmmm. Throwing a farewell look at all of them, he flew on the magic carpet

 To be continued…

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