New Romantic arrange marriage novel,The limit of love,Epi12


New Romantic arrange marriage novel,The limit of love,Epi12
New Romantic arrange marriage novel,The limit of love,Epi12

 This novel is all about Arrange marriage novel based on it, each character has a different identity in it, some are angry, some are in love, some are crazy in love, some are rebellious.

Novel:The limit of love

Writer:Hiba Abid


 Can’t you forgive me?


lubaba asked sarcastically.

 Mr Khabib Shah Every servant has to pay for his mistake

 And the atonement for your mistake, oh sorry, so cold, is that you’ll never find me

 And stay away from the one you claim to love for the rest of your life, now please leave before I leave myself. ..

 The Shah looked at him full of agony and pain and left there.

 .. …. .. .. .. .

 Ramsha went to Sara’s room and started clearing her confusion.

 Ramsha knocked on the door and entered. Sarah turned towards Ramsha lost in her thoughts and said lovingly.

 Hey sister-in-law, you come.

 Ramsha received a slap and said.

 Madam, keep a sisterly relationship with us.

 Sara started laughing at this. Well, Baba, it’s fine, then tell me how Noori’s hand would have invited me here.

 Yes, my friend, there is no such thing, so tell me about it

 No Khabib Bro

 Sara heard the talk. Yes, I nodded.

 Oh my god, Lababa was in such agony that you did not tell her that she was here since morning.

 My friend is not in my mind. She must be sleeping. She stops and comes to see me.

 Sara left her room while Ramsha was sitting there waiting for Sara.

 Sara got out of there and took quick steps. .. On the stairs, Shah Zal and Sara had a great confrontation.

 Sara felt like her head hit a wall.

 Ahh……… She moaned, rubbing her head

Just don’t be so sensitive to drama. Shahzal said in a sarcastic tone.

 Sarah felt insulted by him.

 Let’s admit that I am not a wax doll, but remember that if you repeatedly hit a stone, it also crumbles.

 Sara answered Shahzal and started to leave when Shahzal held her hand firmly and gave a shock.

 If you answer like this, then explain the meaning openly and understand.

 And yes, if yesterday I saw the fate of your eyes, Antsara Shah, then no one would be worse than me.

 And the last thing is to be ready next Friday to reach me, dear cousin.

 And he went away saying all this, while Sara was lost in his words

 Sara ran from there and reached Lababa’s room panting straight to Lababa and started to smooth her breathing while leaning against the door. …………………………

 lubaba, who was sitting in her thoughts, seeing Sara like this, reached her and started asking her with concern.

 Sara Chanda, what happened? lubaba took her face in her hands and started asking worriedly.

 I’m not fine. I said no, they hate me. They think my pain is drama. Sara looked at him crying and said. ..

 Well shut up first and come and sit here.

 lubaba took her hand and brought her to the bed and poured water from a jug and gave her a glass.

Sara quickly emptied herself and started shedding tears silently.

 I can say with 100% certainty that he is just angry with you. And now I will not cry.

 I stay away from such people

 whose ointment was supposed to burn the wound


 He did not ask for the present

 Dust was my funeral

 On the other hand, Ramsha started waiting for her to come to Sara’s room.

 Faiz, who had come to tell Sara about his relationship with Shah Zal, was pleasantly surprised to see Ramsha in his room.

 He came stomping into the room and stood behind her and started threatening her.


 Ramsha, who was lost in her thoughts, quickly turned around after being threatened by someone and hugged Faiz.

 Faiz, who was not ready to fall, saw Ramsha hugging him and stood with his hands tied around her waist.

 When Ramsha realized that she was in someone’s arms, she immediately moved away and started looking at that person.

 Understanding the matter, she started looking at Faiz with brutal eyes.

 You are not ashamed, every time you act like monkeys.

 And Faiz started laughing at his words.

 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha No, I have no shame, I sold your fence yesterday.

And Ramsha just stared at him. ..

 Don’t look like that sweetheart will fall in love.

 Faiz said while teasing him more.

 You don’t feel ashamed, you become very polite in front of the family and start flirting while seeing me alone.

 Ramsha started to feel ashamed while looking at him with those sharp eyes.

 “***Don’t look at me like this, I will hug you**”

 “I will steal you, I will hide you in my heart”

 Ramsha felt ashamed after hearing such words from him, but composed herself and spoke angrily.

 Please keep your behaviour under control sir.

 By God!!!

 These cheeky movements are also seen by you. Faiz said while being innocent.

 Ramsha was completely attracted to him in his answer.

 What do you mean by looking at me?

 This means that the heart and mind start to act like their own property

 Faiz said laughing. And Ramsha sat on the couch again saying “Aff”.

 By the way, I remembered the song from Aff.

 There was a little space in my heart.


 “We don’t know when and how he came””””””

 While he was speaking further, Ramsha got up angrily and spoke loudly.

 Just do it, Sara will come, what will she think?

 Hahahahahahahaha good!!!!!

  You are blushing because of Sara, let’s go to the room and continue.

 I’m going to go. When Ramsha started to leave, Faiz pulled her closer.

 Well, sorry, don’t go anywhere. I came to talk to Sarah. When I saw you, the devil inside me forced me.

 To annoy you. Ramsha started to control the growing noise of her heart just standing so close to him.

Sara and Lababa sat in the room while Faiz and Ramsha entered Lababa’s room

 Look at Sarah crying…

Ramsha said in a humorous tone….

 Love bro…….after the first day of uni, this parrots couple is seen together today.

 And while Faiz was amazed at his humorous style…

 The same Lababa was shocked to see him here…

 She looked at Sara questioningly and started asking about Ramsha.

 Listen, what is this witch doing here????

 The sound was so loud that all three could hear clearly.

 While Sara Ramsha smiled when she called him a witch, Faiz laughed out loud.

 In his laughing like this, Ramsha only said rat and monkey and Faiz was shocked to hear her words.

Oooooh hello… what did the monkey and the mouse say Faiz looked at him and said…


 To you sir

  Ramsha also replied in the same way…..

 While listening to Ramsha, Lababa and Sara started laughing loudly.

 Faiz looked at him and seemed to have mischief in his eyes.How dare you call me a monkey and a rat……??????

It’s like you laughed at me for calling me a witch…..

Ramsha also gave an ambiguous answer.Now Faiz was going to speak further, Sara spoke quickly.

 shut up both of you….will fight later…Both Faiz and Ramsha will be looking at each other…

 Ramsha slowly moved forward and hugged Lababa saying sorry…

 Sorry for bothering you that day, but I apologized to Sarah behind your back…

 lubaba looked at Sarah

Sara nodded yes as if to say that Ramsha is right….

 It’s okay

Alibaba said cheerfully and Ramsha hugged….. Sara and Lababa started smiling at her act. While Faiz was left muttering…

I helped so much, no one hugged me…. Look how they are doing…


Shah Zal, who was going to his room, heard his voice and came towards the room.Listen well Sara doll… Faiz looked very seriously and said…….

 Yes, brother Sarah replied.

Son, I, Shah Zal, and the rest of the family have decided that you two will get married next Friday. You have no objection.

As Sara knew that her brother was going to talk…Shah Zal also came in and was waiting for Sara’s reply…

Sara, Ramsha, Lababa and Faiz were all surprised to see him here… So what is doing here???!???

 Faiz saw him and said….. Why can’t I come here? Shah Zal raised his eyebrows and said…It can come, it can come, when have I forbidden…

Faiz said in a filmy way…

Well, it’s mutual.

  Faiz said while whispering in Shahzal’s ear.

 Sara is about to decide on your marriage and hers, pray for forgiveness…

Hee hee hee hee hee Shahzal looked at him and said with satisfaction.

I know………….

So he was spying on us…??????Faiz put her hands on her waist like a female fighter and asked…

 What is the need to spy, your voice is Subhan Allah..everything comes to my ears…

Shah Zal showed him his teeth and said.

While lubaba and Ramsha started smiling…

 By the way, this monkey keeps fighting all the time. What is wrong with this sir?Ramsha looked at Faiz and started saying.While he became angry when he called him a monkey, the same Shah Zal laughed with laughter.

Faiz turned his full attention towards Ramsha and angrily said…

 Tell me when have I seen you acting like a monkey…

Take it too.Now everyone knows what needs to be said…Ramsha also replied with a stick.And Shah Zal started laughing loudly at this…

 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

And Sarah saw this, we were talking, Hitler came somewhere in front of me chewing raw bitter gourd, now look how they are laughing.And seeing his laughter in his heart, Masha Allah, he said… Seeing Sara looking at him, Shah Zal’s laughter broke…There was a great clash of eyes…

 Sara changed the angle of her eyes.And spoke to Faiz…..

 Bro what can I say like you all say…After hearing his answer, peace came to the heart of Shah Zal.Okay, son… Faiz has put his hand on Sara’s head.And turned to Shah Zal…

Congratulations brother in law…….by Faiz.He said in a cheerful tone. . . .

And Sarah left there.

 And Shah Zal started watching him go…

Faiz Ramsha went from there to his room.

And Shah Zal went to his room.

The same Lababa was lying on the bed with her legs hanging and thinking about her relationship with Shah.

I could never forgive him.

Allah showed me the straight path…………. On the other hand, Shah started praying to Allah for love in his heart while lighting a cigarette in his room.lubaba, when will you believe in my love? I think……..

  I will be tired. Please make it mine before I get tired. Let me not take the cloak of indifference again.I know that praying for death is a great sin, but Allah, if it goes away, my death will be the last means of death.

You will think how much I am yearning for Lababa Shah.

And your avoidance is increasing the longing inside me.

 May Allah have mercy. Put love on me and in his heart.

 And he closed his eyes while praying.Shahzil is confused about something She has started hiding her face from the subjects.Shah Zal left Lababa’s room and turned towards Sara’s room.

 When he entered the room, he was greeted by an empty room. There was a sound of water falling from the bathroom.

 After a while, Sara came out and saw Shahzal in her room. He picked up the shawl from the bed and quickly put it on his head. And composing himself.

 Taking small steps, she came to him and asked why Shah Zal had come.What are you doing in my room at this time?

 My wish Shahzal replied in a sarcastic tone.

 This is my room. And you will show your will in your room.

 Sarah also replied in the same way.

 Good very good. Well, just six days and after that, I will tell you about mine and yours. I just came to tell you that as much crying as you have to mourn, do it in these six days, madam and forget about Hadi because I will never tolerate that. You are married to me and cry for someone else.

Sara looked at him with tears in her eyes while thinking about his words.

 Don’t marry me when you are in so much pain.

 Hahahahahahahaha I am not marrying you for happiness. Antsara Shah Get your happiness out of your heart.

 You have become my opposite. And as for the pain, I will tell you where and what is the pain.

 He smiled wildly and hurt her soul and left there, while Sara was the one who pressed her sad head on the bed.


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