New Romantic Love and anger based online English novels,The limit of love Epi 05

love anger,The limit of love
love and anger based online English novels

love and anger-based online English novels

Story: The limit of love

By: Hiba sheikh

Episode 05

This story is all about love and anger, there are three heroes one is good nature another is quiet and the last one has love and anger issues

He got out of there, got straight into the car and started calling his friend Shah Zain.

Call attend

As soon as he did, Shah immediately spoke …

Zain rushed to my farmhouse with Maulvi Sahib and three or four witnesses.

And yes, no one knows about it …..


Shah ended the call before Zain’s words were fulfilled

this boy is always riding on the horse of the wind  Zayn climbed up and talked …..

About half an hour later, Zain was there with two or three friends and a Maulvi.

And when he met Shah, he spoke angrily …

What’s so quick about getting married didn’t even tell me.

If you don’t keep quiet and say nonsense, then you will know the rest later so that I have achieved the goal of destroying Lababa Adil

Hate was speaking in his tone

What are you saying ……. I don’t understand …

Zayn said he was really upset.

That is why the life of Lababa Adil is going to be tight on him from today.

He said looking down and Zayn who was eager to hear him was shocked to hear all this …..

What is Shah saying ……… I was thinking that you will forget…

Zayn looked sadly at his best friend and said …

I can’t forget..this girl repeatedly attacked my self-esteem.. challenged the savagery inside me…

Shah said in his tone full of hatred …

And yes why are you so sympathetic to this girl…

Shah looked at him questioningly and said…

I am saying this because I don’t know if I will have to pay a heavy price for this move going forward…

Shah Zain is way sorry for this girl.

Shah said … when it will be seen, Maulvi Sahib will be waiting in a hur…..

Hmmmmm walk ……… and both walked towards the dining room

He accompanied Maulvi Sahib to Lababa and ordered Maulvi Sahib to perform Nikah …..

Maulvi Sahib started teaching Nikah …

Suddenly the voice of this tyrant hit Lababa’s ears ….

And once again Lababa’s eyes filled with tears …

Lababa Adil, do you accept this marriage?

Maulvi  was dismissed three times after the invention was accepted.

Khabib Shah was busy chatting with his friends ….

About an hour and a half later, he entered the room … After looking around the room, he saw her curled up behind the sofa.

He took a heavy step and reached her ….. and pulled her towards him with a jerk ….

Lababa, who was not ready for this iftar, was shocked by the sudden attack and kept her composure and spoke with courage.

Leave me humiliated man …… what have you got by making a spectacle of my life ….

He spoke with full confidence because of the heaviness in his tone due to the tears in his eyes.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….. all these things don’t look good in your mouth …

I should have thought before slapping all this …

Khabeeb Shah looked at him with a strange laugh with contemptuous eyes …..


Look who you are … you have received your reward from me in the form of marriage …..


Let me go now I put my hand in front of y…..

She started begging him again in front of him …..

As he listened to her..the graph of his anger was growing

He shook his hair with his strong iron hand and shook it, reducing the distance between him and her …..

And roared

Firstly, I am none other than Khabeeb Shah. Secondly, I do not leave my loan to anyone … I receive it including interest.

Tears came to Lababa’s eyes from the pain and while trying to remove her hand from her hair she said ….. Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa ….. Leave my hair I am in pain…

He looked at her with watery eyes and said …

I want to kill you right now and finish the whole story, but not Lababa Adil, I will give you that death that will make your soul tremble and will live moment by moment … and moment by moment Will die

He reached the extreme of hatred and said

Hearing all this, a tingling sensation started running through her spinal cord of Lababa…



Allah, get me out of here …. Baba, come and see how much punishment is being meted out for one mistake of your dress …….

And seeing all this, Khabeeb

But they both forgot that he is the only partner, the one who decides the fate, the one who loves more than seventy mothers, the one who forgives the sinner from the sinner. Forgives him …

Servants come to humanity and in arrogance, all are destroyed and left empty-handed ….

At about 9 p.m., Shah entered his room and when he saw her crying, he was sad again.

And in a fit of rage, he reached for it and jerked it up.

And roared angrily …

“Are you spreading mischief?

Yes ………… First, you came into my life and spread mischief. Now you are spreading mischief in my house ……… Stop crying and wash and my Heat the food for ……..

“get up”””””

Get it done … said in a tone full of hatred …..


And Lababa quietly went to get food …..ah got out of there …. and from Lababa Adil to Lababa Khabeeb Shah began to mourn his fate …..

Part 5

About ten minutes later, she brought the cloak and started putting food in front of it.


After a while, Shah ate and started picking up the dishes.

When Shah found no reason, he dropped the water to annoy him ………. and threw his mistake on him ……

And he said, “What an insult. I couldn’t pick up the pot. I’m blind. I don’t know where Guar came from.”

Alibaba, while presenting her defence, said …..

“I didn’t spill the water because of you.”

Shah was annoyed to answer this ………… and in anger, he squeezed Lababa’s arm and received a slap ………

I told you before that women who use their tongues like scissors look poisonous to me ………. still you talk nonsense in front of me ….. and then angrily released you with a jerk …..

As a result, the robe went away and fell

The slap hit him so hard that blood started oozing from his lips …..lubaba left with tears in her eyes …. and went to the washroom and locked herself ……

And Khabeeb Shah collapsed on the sofa right the….. His inner soul was screaming that you have done wrong ……. but he was listening to his mistake ….. And final, ly he listened to his mind and Shah began to understand himself well ……..

Lubaba sat by the door of the washroom and started crying loudly …..

So much humiliation, so much disrespect, my heart is longing for the earth to crack and fall into it ….. or may Allah help me, I am your sinful bondage … I am waiting for you, forgive me my master …. they cry He said ….. and then woke up wiping away tea…..

And began to perform ablution…

She came out and started looking for prayers … Shah was lying down with his eyes closed …..

Alibaba started offering Isha prayer…..

Part 6

Shah opened his eyes and saw him praying.

Her shaking body while praying was a testimony to the fact that she was crying while praying …..

Something happened to Shah for a moment and then he shook his head and got out of the room restyle. He got out of the car and kept driving on the side of the road ….. He came back at about 3 a.m.

Entered the room and turned on the light from the switchboard …..

She saw him shrinking at the prayer and then Shah took small steps to reach him …… and sat down and looked at him …..

The cracked lips, the swollen cheeks and the tears on his cheeks were testifying to his small mistake.

As she slept, she looked like a very innocent doll … Shah had just extended his hand to touch her when suddenly he looked at her hand …. then he remembered the slap that he had given to Lubaba…..

When Shah shook him in anger, Lababa slowly opened his eyes ………

Seeing Shah up close, his sleeping nerves woke up with a jolt ….. and Lababa’s breath went away in a moment of fear …

Shah laughed at his style and made fun of him …

Ch-Ch Lababa Adil, you have already given up ….. “Darling”

There is more to fear and more to endure …lubaba looked at him helplessly and stammered.

Khabeeb Shah, I am ready for your every injustice … If your revenge is fulfilled like this, then do it …..

Khabeeb Shah was stunned once again by his confidence and courage …. he twisted his hand angrily and spoke …..

“If you don’t end all this bravery, then my name is not Khabeeb Ahmad Shah.” “And the confidence with which you are speaking in front of me will also e…..

Then I will not dare to speak in front of anyone lubaba was just looking at him with empty eyes ……

Khabib Shah pressed the intercom button and called the ma…..

The old lady came fulfilling the order and spoke politely….. “Sir, you called.” “” “

Yes, Firdos, leave all the servants for a few months and you too will shift to Shah palace with your daughter-in-law and son …..

Firdos sis looked at the question and Khabib Shah said understanding the meaning…..

Unfortunate, ly  she is called my wife …. and from today she will do all this work …..” No More Question”

And yes, no one knew about it, it was understood in the mansion …

The maid nodded and le…..

And he turned to Lababa and made tea for me … I come fresh …

When he came back for 15 minutes, he didn’t see Lababa touching the toss. His anger graph increased and he pulled toward him with one jerk.

Screams of fear came out of Lababa’s mouth …

Shah tightened his grip on his arm and roared angrily.

What nonsense was there? Go ahead and make some t….. “Why didn’t you go?” “”

I am not your mercenary slave who will fulfil every order of you….. I understand that Lababa replied angrily …

And this very confidence of Khabib Shah made him angry …..

Part 8

His face turned red with rage and then he received a loud slap …. He dragged him to the kitchen and started running here and there …. As soon as he got the desired thing, he lit the stove and towards Return …

Alibaba kept watching her every move with wide eyes …..

Shah grabbed her wrist and placed it on the stove …..

The cracked screams of Lababa were heard from the pain and she started crying and begging in pain …

“Let me have my hand.”

I hold your feet … I’m in so much pain, leave it to you …

But that person was not going to have the slightest mercy on him …

1 minute later he removed his hand and spoke, reaching the point of numbness.

I have said before that women who use their tongues like scissors seem poison to me..but unfortunate, ly you have become my wife … otherwise you are not my wife or even a ma…..

If you deny me in the future, remember this punishment …

Sifting through his words and deeds, he walked o…..

As soon as he left, Lababa turned on the water tap and started burning …

No lubaba, you have to be numb now. If you can’t stand it, how will you get used to the pain?”

Talking to himself, he mercilessly wiped away the tears and walk toward the room …

As she entered the room, Shah looked at her face carefully …

Her big lake-like eyes were red and swollen from crying. She had fingerprints on her cheeks. She had tangled hair and a small nose on her nose. Undoubtedly, she was the goddess of beauty.

Alibaba stood there with her eyes down …

“Why are you standing on my head now?” “Go to sleep.” “There is a lot of work to be done from tomorrow.

Alibaba grabbed the pillow and lay down on the sofa when once again the sound of oppression hit my ear

I said do you sleep on the sofa .. go out and sleep on the balcony …. your time is not as much as this so…..

Lubaba, who had bowed her head till now, lifted it with a pull.

A triumphant smile appeared on Shah’s face.

Gathering his courage, Lababa sa…..

Khabeeb Shah, what you have married me is compensation for my mistake, but remember, I have endured what you will do to me.

But don’t think that no one has a hand on my he…..

Even if no one is with me, but with me is the Lord who is very close to me …

I am alive in search of who he is … On the day he said what, on that day your oppression will also e…..

And Khabeeb Shah was restless for a moment on hearing this, but still lay unconscious.

And of course Allah says in the Qur’an …

“And wherever you are, Allah is with you.”


Shah Zal was leaving for the office when he collided with Aima Beg…..

may peace be upon you!! Great Mama .. Shah Zal greeted from the heart. To which he replied happily …..

Good morning Mama, you are here so early this morning …

Shah Zal looked at him and said …

Yes son there was some work … are the sisters-in-law inside !!!

Y, es big mama !! Mom is inside, is there any work, let me know…..

Shah Zal mischievously reached inside his neck and started asking …..

may peace be upon you!!! How are you sister-in-law … Imam Begum greeted Amna Begum and began to know her well-being…..

I am fine … Amna Begum said and started asking how I have this morning…..

I have come to invite all of you for this eveningPartrt 1A a close friend of Hamza liked Sarah very much … so he is coming to ask for Sarah’s hand for his s…..

Imam Begum said happily …..

And Shah Zal’s smile began to be seen with convulsions and uncertainty across the bridge…

Big Mama … when did he glimpse Sarah Shah Zal asked while changing sides…..

And Amna Begum was watching her son get restless …

My son had seen him when he came from the United States many years ago.

Oh okay!!! Shah Zal became silent after saying this …

Then after a while,  Shah Zal gathered his courage and said ……

Big Mama, does Sarah know this ?????

No, son, I haven’t told you yet. I will tell you in the evening after their departure.

Amna Begum told Shah Zal the whole thing and said …..

Shah Zal took a deep breath and became silent.

Ok mama I walk … you two keep going



Shah Zal was sitting in the office absent-mindedly that Shah Zal did not even know that Faiz was coming…..

Ummmmmmmmm …… Faiz snorted and attracted Shah Zal

Since Shah Zal and got bus within his work …..


Oh well, there is great silence today …. Whose memories are lost … “Your liver” “

No, there is no such thing …. So when did you come from Islamabad…..

Shah Zal changed his mind and asked Fa…..


Just came last night and thought I’d see my darling friend today …

Ha ha ha ha ha is making a good big thing…..

Shah Zal said laughing but his laughter was not accompanied by sadness …..

Seeing all this, Faiz became serious and became fascinated.

Dude what’s up … why are you sad … “Look” Tell me what’s up. I am with

Faiz said confusedly …

Shah Zal leaned back in his chair and said in a lost tone.

Dude, she’s getting away from me before she’s mine. What can I do?

Tell me exactly what he is saying …. Faiz spoke in a misunderstood manner …….

Then Shah Zal recited the whole story from beginning to e…..

There was silence for a while then Faiz said …….

Look, I guarantee you nothing like that will happen …

Sarah is yours, she will remain yours …. Don’t take it to heart now, I will talk to Mama Papa all rig…..

And Shah Zal felt as if a burden had been lifted from his head…..

Well now get up and bring Sarah from Uni and tell her what is in your heart ……..

If I had already told you, I would have been so angry ….. I don’t know which flower you have open…..

Faiz teased him jokingly and said …….

And Shah Zal laughed and hugged her and went out to pick up Sar…..

Sarah was waiting for the driver outside Uni when she saw Shah Zal’s car coming …..

Sarah started talking as soon as she saw Shah Zal ………

“Oh God, what is this Hitler here for?”

And Shah Zal looked at him from a distance and smiled as if everything was understood by the movement of his lips …..

Shah Zal got out of the car and reached Sar…..

Sarah greeted nervously.

Hello !!!!! Shah Zal Bhai.

Shah Zal replied cheerfully and looked at him and addressed him.

“Let’s get in the car.”

Why does Shah Zal Bhai driver have to co…..

Sarah replied !!

Oo, oh  I forbade the driver … I came today to pick up…..

Good … Sarah said longing for good …

Hmmmmm …. Shah Zal also replied in his style …

Sarah moved towards the car and sat down …Part 12 end

And Shah Zal smiled at him when he saw him sitting in fro…..

Shah Zal sat in the car and started the car … After a while Shah Zal addressed Sa…..

Sar, ah I have to talk to you … Sarah who was busy looking out of the window … As soon as she heard Shah Zal talking … “Brother”

He … I stopped Shah Zal once but then he said …..

Look Sarah … I want to marry y….. It’s okay to refuse your relatives who come today ……

And Sarah was shocked to hear all this …..

What are you saying Shah Zal Bha ………. Bhai Sara was about to say that Shah Zal put his finger on his lips and snapped again ……

“Don’t say this cruel girl ….. so cruel …….

But how did Sarah say aga…..

Just do it, I’ll take care of the rest …..

Shah Zal looked at him pleadingly and sa…..

And Sarah didn’t know what to say.








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