New Romantic Rude hero based online English novel,The limit of love,Epi12

New Romantic Rude hero based online English novel,The limit of love,Epi12

The limit of love


By:Hiba Abid

At night, everyone stood busy talking with food on the dining table. Khabib came from the office and freshened up and sat with everyone. Put salad raita and biryani on the plate and started eating. While he was chewing,

he suddenly felt a mine and turned toward Khabib with worry. Sarah rapidly sprinkled water and gave the Shah a drink and started to caress his back. After a while he became normal and just quietly took out the carrot from the salad and started eating it. Faiz addressed the silent to see Shah. Prince Gil, listen to me. And a smile crept on everyone’s face including Aima , they all knew that Faiz would surely tear her lip. Shah listened and started looking at Faiz with questioning eyes. “You have not met your sister-in-law ,” he said with a tone of joy and seriousness in his tone. But Khabib Shah did not consider it appropriate to give even a nasty glance. Being ignorant of his words was waking up the devil inside Faiz. Faiz turned around towards Ramsha and wasted no time making Ramsha stand up.Ramsha was watching his action with wide eyes and everyone else was also watching in surprise.

Then he turned toward the khabib and raised one eyebrow and put his hands on his back like a woman. Cheeky Shah. How dare you ignore my words. Everyone else was amazed at her style, while Sara Shahzal and Ramsha seemed to have a fit of laughter. Bad manners Quiet and composed, he just opened his eyes with complete seriousness on his face. Was watching Aima Begum’s laughter stopped but Shah Zal and Ramsha were still busy laughing.

A quiet boy. Faiz did not see Shahzal stopping and said with a smile. Shahzal widened his eyes and saw Faiz, then got up and sat next to Shah. And said mischievously. Sir…… I want to apologize for the rudeness, but keep one thing in mind my sister-in-law is silent so I don’t have to apologize for all the rudeness in the room. Everyone started looking at Shah’s face carefully. one two. Three. After three seconds, Shah had a fit of laughter. Everyone started looking at him. they knew that the eyes were not supporting the laughter… But they kept watching silently.After a while, the laughter did not stop, so Ahmad Shah and Aima Begum moved forward and turned Khabib towards them. khabib my son. But Shah continued to laugh uncontrollably, everyone else felt like a snake and Ramsha thought that Khabib Shah had gone mad.

Shahzal stepped forward and forcibly hugged Shah. As soon as Shah got support, he stood up completely silent in Shahzal’s arms. shah, say something. Shahzal looked at his beloved brother longingly and said. Nothing happened, brother, I’m fine, I’ll take it this time too. And everyone became anxious after hearing this. Sara had tears in her eyes. She went ahead and hugged Khabib and started crying with hiccups while Ramsha started trying to understand. Brother, why did you do it? Why did you destroy my friend’s life? She kept on crying and you did not even think about her moans.

I want to be angry with you but I can’t and Khabib Shah was once again brought to the dock by his sin. You should have thought that she was the daughter of your beloved uncle. yes Sara and told Shah separated him with a jerk and looked on in disbelief.

what does mean ……………???????????? Shah was understanding but maybe he wanted to change this reality. Perhaps he was not believing in his hearing but still composed himself and said. what does mean…….. Don’t tell Sarah. Shah scolded her and said. He is also my friend. Your and my cousin’s daughter of our Fatima aunt. Shah felt as if the entire roof of the lounge had come down on his strong being along with the debris. He sat on the sofa holding his head there. A tear secretly slipped from his eye.


Aima Begum moved towards her son with tears in her eyes. Mama, pray that he forgives your son soon and does not take so long that he forgives me till my last breath. Faiz and Shahzal rushed forward and were about to embrace him when Shah got up and addressed him in a strong tone. . Brother, I want to be strong, not to need anyone’s support except Allah. As soon as he said that, he left there. And turned towards Lababa’s room. When he stepped into the room, he was greeted by darkness. Face shining in the moonlight. It was making it more attractive. The king came walking and sitting on the bed, held his hand and put the back of his hand to his eyes. Please forgive me I have committed a great sin. A tear fell on his hand and was absorbed. He felt the touch of someone, his strengths got tense as if he could not bear the touch of that person. Shah reduced his hand and placed it on Lababa’s eyes.

Then draw a line from his forehead to his lips. Not tolerating the harshness of anyone’s eyes, Lababa whispered and rolled her eyes. Then the enemy appeared in front of him.The Shah came forward and cupped his hands and bowed to the face of the cross and with full privilege proved his seal. Lababa tightened his grip on his hand in a state of absorption. After a while, he withdrew and began to look. . Lababa smoothed his breathing, he would have been more insolent when Lababa pushed him backwards.Stay away, it hurts me when you come close to me. There is disgust when you are close. Your breath is a testimony of your cruelty in me.

My heart wants to destroy this world or set fire to the existence that you touch me. lubbaba said reaching the extreme of hatred. And only the shah knew how much he was suffering. Don’t hate me so much that I die. lubaba looked longingly. But he spoke while reaching the extreme of unconsciousness. What mercy was there for me to do? I was also begging. But you remained a cruel king.

They kept oppressing me. And the king bowed his head and stood with his hands tied like a criminal. I am sure that I will convince you. Until then. I will believe until I believe. lubaba, who was engrossed in seeing her tears, laughed loudly at her words.


He laughed every time. I only want to hate a person like you, only hate, and the day I feel that my feelings for you are changing, that day I will kill myself or you. Shah listened to her and came walking with satisfaction and pulled her towards him with a jerk and then spoke in a strong tone. Even if you think about killing yourself, remember that this day will be Khabib Shah’s last day in this world. By God, if I did not know that you are the daughter of aunt who is dear to my heart, then I would not have been more intense.

How much happiness has been brought up? Hahahaha. Mr Khabib Ahmed Shah Lababa Adil is not such an easy target to believe. And the king smiled listening to him. It is not easy to convince you, it is not impossible and I am sure that I will force you to fall in love with me. ..


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